Monday, February 25, 2013

Episode 7 Season Finale Part 4

WHAT A SHOCK! Mrs. O’ brien always seems to ruin every bit of happiness at Downton Abbey. While Mrs. O’Brien is helping Cora with her bath, she leaves a bar of soap on the floor so that Cora ends up slipping on the slick tile floor. Cora falls and loses her unborn child. I thought Mrs. O’Brien couldn’t get any worse, but this is by far the most sinful act she has ever committed. When Lord Grantham hears about Cora’s accident, he is beside himself with anger and sorrow. It turns out that Cora’s baby was a boy, and that Lord Grantham could have actually had a son to inherit the Downton estate. I’m not sure about what others thought about this part of the season finale, but I’ve never seen Lord Grantham show more emotion than he does in this episode. Though there is still a great deal of sorrow within the Downton household because of Cora’s accident, the Garden Party has finally arrived. But the Garden Party seems to be nothing more than an excuse for some of the most beloved characters of Downton to walk away from their real responsibilities. Thomas declares that he is leaving his position at Downton, and Gwen finally accepts an offer to become a secretary. When Matthew finally speaks to Mary at the party, he confesses that he must leave Downton in order to take charge of his life again. He cannot simply be a puppet that the Downton family plays with when they have no other option. The death of Cora’s child has clearly left a lasting impact on Matthew. Though Lady Mary planned to accept Matthew’s proposal, it is too late. Matthew thinks he has been living a dream by thinking that he will one day inherit the Downton estate, and he tells Lady Mary that he cannot marry her under these circumstances. This is a horrible point of departure for the season finale. I had truly hoped that Matthew and Lady Mary would end up engaged by the end of season 1. But, if anyone thought that things couldn’t get worse, Lord Grantham has announced that England is at war with Germany....This should certainly cause some added tension in the Downton Household!